C.J. Ramone

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C.J. was born in Queens, New York City on October, 8, 1965.  C.J. is best known for his work as the bassist and sometimes vocalist for the legendary punk band The Ramones.  He joined the band in 1989, replacing the Dee Dee Ramone.  At the time he was the youngest member of the band by 9 years which is partly why he was credited with "Keeping the band young" by the original drummer Tommy Ramone.  

Because of of his family committments he was not able to accept the offer to Join Metallica.  C.J. was offered this position twice by the iconic rock band.

C.J. was also involved with The Warm Jets later renamed Bad Chopper.  Bad Chopper released their debut album December, 2007.  He also played guitar in a band called Pete's Axe Attack.